About Our School

Welicar Educational Centre’s vision is to provide free education, food, clothing, learning and teaching materials to the slum children aged four to fourteen years orphaned or otherwise destitute children living in the slums in Nairobi Kenya. By giving these children access to a quality education, Welicar is also giving them the only hope they have of building themselves a better future and escaping abject poverty.

Without having the support of the school, the children would have no choice other than to turn to street life and undesirable and unhealthy ways of acquiring a little money to buy food and water. On the streets, even primary aged children are at real risk of being drawn into forced labour, gang crime, prostitution, drug misuse and the ever increasing threat of child sex tourism in Kenya in order to either starve off hunger, forget their plight or to earn a little money to buy food and water for themselves..

Unlike most non profit schools in Kenya, Welicar is unique in that it is a nominal fee paying establishment. Welicar believes that charging poverty stricken children more than a token fee prohibits them from accessing education which will only perpetuate lifelong social marginalisation and disadvantage.

Although it has seen great support from the community, Welicar has been extremely underdeveloped in terms of marketing, networking and generally reaching out to potential donors in the worldwide arena. The current hike in food prices caused by the drought situation in Kenya means that Welicar is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the full school program. Unfortunately, the provision of clothing and food for the children are the first cutbacks made when funding income is low.

According to the World Bank, at least half of the hundreds of thousand residents of the Slums in Nairobi are children aged 15 years and younger. Forty eight percent of children in the slums are not in school (Daraja Civic Initiatives Forum, 2006). This means that  roughly one quarter of a million slum children are not receiving even a basic education. Welicar is committed to empowering Slums forgotten children to make a better life for themselves.

Our Monthly Expenditure

Monthly expenditures at Welicar include ; rent for the premise, wages for the qualified staff, purchase of learning materials, feeding and others like water and electricity bills. Welicar depends of any donations received. Opportunities are open to any potential sponsor, donor and partners.



Our vision is to see successive generations of slum children pass through Welicar Educational Centre, take up the opportunity to lose social invisibility, become recognised by their contemporaries as an equal and valuable member of society and return to give back to the community in which they were raised.


Welicar’s mission is to help combat the recurrent cycle of poverty within the slums community through the nurturing of its children. Our undertaking is to facilitate orphaned and destitute slum children to realise their full potential in life through the provision of a quality education and by tending to their physical, psychological and spiritual needs.



Our selection process has been governed by democratic principles. After each child is interviewed, a staff member of Welicar Educational Centre confirms that all information given about the child are true. As our school targets children who would have no way to pay school fees without us , it is important that we verify each child’s financial and living situation so that we serve those who we need most.

Anybody can become a sponsor. Your monthly gift of GBP 20 approximately USD 25 will give your sponsored child access to life changing benefits including learning materials, full school uniform and 2 meals daily at school. As a sponsor you will be able to see your impact firsthand through photos and letters from your child. You’ll see how much you’re helping a child when they need it most.

A donation may take various forms including money, alms, services or goods such as clothing , toys , food e.t.c. We are really appreciative of any donation received as it helps as to run the school. 100% of all donations received are used for assisting the children and operating the school.

School donations of differing amounts can easily and securely be made on the school website.

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