Remember that not everyone is suited for the same type of involvement. You may have to “try on” a few activities before you find something that feels right.

Volunteers on the teaching program assist with the teaching of different subjects ( Mathematics, Science, Geography, Social Studies, History, Business Education, English, Arts and Music ) as per the curriculum. Volunteer teachers are not required to have teaching experience.

Our volunteers work with students who come from very difficult economic circumstances or are orphans.

Interested? Please contact s on the “ Contact Us” page.

One of the best starting points for getting involved is volunteering in our school. Everyone has got something to offer or just want to help out in whatever way you can. While you also gain experience and satisfaction, you’ll realize that it’s a life changing experience to the pupils too.

Here are some of the ways a volunteer can help:

  • act as a classroom helper
  • mentor or tutor pupils
  • volunteer in the school computer lab
  • help organize, cater, or work at fundraising activities
  • act as a lunchroom or playground monitor
  • help to plan and chaperone in-school events (dances, proms, )
  • organize or assist with a specific club or interest group (if you have an interest in an activity that isn’t currently available to pupils, offer to help get a group started )
  • help the school administrators prepare grant proposals, letter-writing campaigns, or press releases, or help with other administrative needs
  • Help with story time or reading assistance to the pupils
  • help out with visual arts, crafts, and design courses and projects
  • spend some time with a specific club or interest group (ask the teacher who sponsors the group)
  • volunteer to speak in the classroom, if you have a field of expertise that you’d like to share
  • supervise or judge experiments at a science fair


I stayed with Elisha and his family last summer for one month and had so much fun and the food was delicious! My faves were greens (split peas with onion and awesome spices and served with chiapati –like pita bread) as well as veggies which was spinach again cooked with so much flavor and served with rice. I usually had eggs and toast and juice for breakfast. They are very clean and my bedroom was big and they provide a mosquito net. The boys are adorable, fun and so eager to play/ learn from whatever you bring. I brought a simple battery operated keyboard, coloring books, watercolors, a ball, and bubbles. When I was there Elisha was with a different school he had helped start. Being with the children there was life changing, inspirational and find. I gave as many hugs as possible! They loved the game “Trouble” but also things as simple as making paper airplanes.I had brought arts and crafts projects and I was floored by how creative a lot of the children were. They desperately need books, sturdy toys and things for recess such as jump ropes, soccer balls, dolls, Legos, cars (again sturdy as they will be used outside in the dirt courtyard). But really you don’t have to bring anything except yourself as you will feel like a rockstar! The children are just so eager to be with you and their genuine smiles will change your life I’m sure — they did mine!

Dana Gray - US.
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