Child sponsorship
Child sponsorship is perhaps one of the most popular ways of giving and this is not surprising when you consider the benefits. Not only do you know exactly how your money is being used, you also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a direct difference to an individual child's life.

Do you know that you can provide a child with two meals per day, uniform and shoes twice yearly, text books, exercise books, pens and pencils and other learning materials for around £5 per week, just a little more than one meal at McDonalds?

By sponsoring a child, you will experience a more personal and ‘hands on’ way of giving.

You will receive : –

* Photographs of your sponsored child

* Information and history about your sponsored child

* Regular updates on the progress of your sponsored child

* Written communication from your sponsored child

* Evidence that your money is being used exclusively for your sponsored child

It is difficult to articulate just how much it means to these vulnerable children to know that someone really cares about them. Therefore, we encourage our child sponsors to write to their sponsored child regularly and as often as possible. You will be amazed at how quickly a child will blossom through the love and kindness of a sponsor.

We will do our best to meet any specific preferences you may have regarding sponsorship, i.e. age, gender etc.  However, because we try to keep admin costs to a minimum, we ask that a small amount of your donations are put aside to cover the cost of your childs postage when communicating with you.

Wherever possible, we will endeavour to keep costs down by using email in our own communications with you.

Monthly Cost of Sponsorship : The cost of sponsoring a child is dependent on whether you would prefer to provide full or partial sponsorship.

Full sponsorship means that you wish to provide your sponsored child with food, clothing and educational materials such as paper, pens, exercise and text books etc.

Partial sponsorship means that you wish to provide one or more but not all of the above needs so the amount you commit to sending will be dependent on which aspects of the child’s needs you would like to provide for. However, we appreciate all regular sponsorship donations so will try our best to subsidise regular donations smaller than those listed below,

The monthly total for full sponsorship is £20 (costs include a small charge for the child’s international postage per year).

Costs per child per year:  Breakfast & lunch or evening meal   £72  (£6 per month)

Educational materials                        £20

Clothes/Uniform                                £55 (inc:sweaters,     trousers/dresses, shirts / blouses & shoes, socks & underwear x 2)

Questions? Please contact us using the details on our contact us page.

Please note: There are no mass producers of school uniforms in Kenya so prices reflect individual supplier charges.



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