Our History

In 2006 the vision to provide a non fee paying education for the most destitute children in Kibera was conceived by Elisha Ooga and his supporters who shared the same struggle of growing up in Kibera Slums as he fully understood the disadvantages that the children of Kibera face every single day of their lives. The vision to provide education for these destitute children developed during their time spent visiting the homes of Kibera residents to provide words of comfort and to preach the word of God. It was during this time that it became apparent to the Director of the school, Elisha Ooga that hundreds of children were being forced to take to the streets and were being led into dangerous and unhealthy pursuits in order to put a little food and water into their stomachs ; or worse still, had taken to glue sniffing or other drug abuse to stifle their hunger. In many cases Elisha and his supporters found that children had fallen prey to child prostitution. They felt a strong obligation to  give these desperately destitute children some hope of achieving a decent future for themselves outside of the otherwise inevitable constraints of total poverty.


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Welicar's history timeline