Supporting Families during COVID-19 Pandemic.

As the new Corona virus spreads rapidly in African countries, a big source of concern is how it will spread and affect those that live in congested low-income areas. The pandemic is having a negative impact on people’s health and economic and social status.

Most people, especially slum-dwellers had skipped a meal or slept on empty stomach or eaten less in the past two months because they did not have enough money to buy food. According to Population Council ( an organization dedicated to carrying out research on critical health and development issues ), only 7% had received any type of assistance – such as cash, Vouchers, food and soap – and only half said the assistance given was enough to cover their household’s most important needs. We want to thank Friends of Welicar who have continued to support some of the families in the slum. Want to join us to feed a family in the slum? Please leave us a message or Contact us via our website page


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